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NMI Talent Bank

On this page you will find a list of NMI’s talented students who are looking for either paid work or volunteer experience. If you want to find well trained staff, who have a good combination of [...]

Contribution to Students

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Two Year Diploma

NMI is offering a two year Diploma in Media Course from 2012. NMI also offers specialist short courses in media to upgrade existing skills.

How We Teach

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NMI is a training business established by Nai

Nai has a large and distinguished alumni of graduates who are now working in all media within Afghanistan. Students in the Diploma in Media course will connect with these alumni while they are doing their course.

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Why you Choose Us

Students Successive

Since the establishment of the Institute, many of the students of this institution have achieved many successes.


The Media Institute has received many letters from the accredited institutions of the country.

sound studio

The NI Media Institute is for the practical work of students with virtual studios.

Our Semesters

Pricing & Discounting Table

First score

٪ 20 /Semester

  • One Day Trial
  • Free 3 Lessons
  • No Ebook

Introduction of the Ministry

٪ 30 /Semester

  • Standard Tutorials
  • Unlimited Registered User


AFN 10,000 /Semester

  • 1st Semester 12,500 AFN
  • 2nd to 4th Semester 10,000 AFN

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