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On this page you will find a list of NMI’s talented students who are looking for either paid work or volunteer experience.

If you want to find well trained staff, who have a good combination of practical, creative, technical and theoretical skills, then you have come to the right place.
The list below is compiled from students who have achieved good marks in their exams and who have also shown creativity and technical excellence in their practical work. Only students who have completed at least the first year of NMI’s two year Diploma in Media course are eligible for listing.
Some students are looking for full time or part time work.
Other students are looking for short term volunteer or paid internships.
If you are interested in asking one of NMI’s students to work for you, then please contact 0700163821 and 0798648691to find out more details.

the followings are volunteer applicant information

First Name Last Name Phone Number Curriculum vitae
Esmatullah OryaKhil 0790494690 Download CV
Lima 0781920469 Download CV
Tahir Payman 0793530506 Download CV
Mujeeb Ramaki 0774474926 Download CV
Nusratullah Rahmani 0700486362 Download CV
Qasim Rahimi 0789684569 Download CV
Mokhtar ahmad 0775158078 Download CV
Basir Aryobi 0790905904 Download CV
Donya Fazlizada 0784683341 Download CV
Elyas Orya 0781456446 Download CV
Farzana Azizi 0779486634 Download CV
freshta Faizy 0797041813 Download CV
Hayat WaliAhmadzai 0779016932 Download CV
Hedayatullah 0700099559 Download CV
Muhammad Homayoon Babakarkhel 0774516168 Download CV
Tariq Khalil Nayab 0785398762 Download CV
Mohammad Hossain 0778886091 Download CV
Mohammad Hussain Hazin 0796 59 37 69 Download CV
mohammad.docx Download CV
M. Ramin Siawash 0788200803 Download CV
safia sahar 0780406120 Download CV
Shogofa Hayat 0784574408 Download CV
Zhian barakzai 0772626260 Download CV
Abdul Waris Sultan 0704748188 Download CV
Sabir Shah 0784408060 Download CV
Mohamad Wasim 0700146350 Download CV
Hayat Wali Ahmadzai 0779016932 Download CV

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