Contribution to Students

Nai students are striving to make a difference in Afghanistan through media, but some cannot afford the cost of tuition.


Can you support one of our students?


Students Assistance System  SAS

You can help people with talent who deserve a good education.

Nai has already given more than 50% discounts for students studying at our Institute. In other words, monthly fees that Nai Institute is currently receiving are half of what it costs to run the two-year Diploma in Media course.

But there are a number of students who can’t even afford those payments. Now you can get to help them.


The Goal:

to enhance the educational opportunities for those who want to carry on their education in the media sector.


How to help: You can provide your assistance through the following options.


1: Cash assistance directly to benefit an individual student.



: Bank Cheque directly to benefit an individual student.


3: Depositing money into the student’s Institute Bank accounts.

Students needing assistance:


Mr. Khalid

Mr. Mobasher



Those who have helped

    Mr.Steve Ahern



1: If you want to make sure that your money has gone to the individuals, then you can refer to the above options.

2: Dear students if you want to thank those who have helped, then you can handle it via the Nai Institute website.