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  1. د ژورنالیزم روان پوهه
  2. کمپیوتر- ادوب اودیشن
  3. د ژورنالیزم اخلاق
  4. خبري ژآنرونه
  5. تحلیلی ژآنرونه
  6. تاریخ معاصر افغانستان دافغانستان معاصر تاریخ
  7. فوتو ژورنالیزم
  8. انگلیسی
  9. دپشتو ادبیات
  10. دری ادبیات
  11. اسلامي ثقافت
  12. حب الوطن

Our Main Teachers

On this page you will find a list of NMI’s talented students who are looking for either paid work or volunteer experience. If you want to find well trained staff, who have a good combination of practical, creative, technical and theoretical skills, then you have come to the right place. The list below is compiled […]

Price : 10000 $

Max Availability : 25